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The Vampire Reclamation Project

The Vampire Reclamation Project Books
Brother's Blood - Fourth book in The Vampire Reclamation Project

Book Four - Just Releashed!

The book series, The Vampire Reclamation Project, by S. S. Bazinet begins as an exciting and unique story of angels, vampires and a quest for transformation. As the story continues, it expands into a tapestry of interwoven lives and lifetimes. A group of individuals come together to resolve issues surrounding love, hate, trust and betrayal. With the angelic help of Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, the group is also reunited with a purpose that goes beyond the norm and enters the realm of mystery. Their task isn't always easy, but all involved learn that they have extraordinary abilities and power. They find ways to reach for the stars while grounding themselves in brotherhood.

     Book One: Michael's Blood - On Amazon
     Book Two: Arel's Blood - On  Amazon
     Book Three: William's Blood - On  Amazon
     Book Four: Brother's Blood - On  Amazon
     Book Five: Tainted Blood - Coming!
     Book Six: New Blood - Coming!
     Book Seven: Bonded Blood - Coming!

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